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BreakAway to Greatness

Inspired Leadership is simple, but not easy. BreakAway from your current view of your world and use a different lens to see opportunities everywhere you look. Masterful coaching enables you to to achieve levels of success you never thought possible.

Why BreakAway?

We energize amazing leaders to make bold changes to achieve breakthrough results.

You gain a unique advantage in working with us. BreakAway Coaches have excelled as leaders in competitive, challenging environments like yours. We work with select clients who believe that investing in their leaders will significantly impact their business results. We work with leaders individually, with teams, and in enterprise engagements.

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What We Do

Together, we work hard to get you where you want to go. You are unique and one size does not fit all.

Goal Setting and Action Planning for Bold Changes

Ongoing Talent Development

Mentorship and Trusted Advisor Relationships

Coaching to Deliver High Performance and Results

Karyn Grant, BreakAway President

“Karyn is a masterful and inspiring coach. I am proud to have stretched to achieve a level of success I never thought possible. And we had fun while we did it!”

BreakAway President Karyn Grant has delivered outstanding business results for over 30 years. Karyn’s masterful coaching galvanizes amazing leaders to achieve exceptional outcomes and growth through inspired leadership, strategic risk taking and empowered teams.

A key factor in her success in both large corporate organizations and in entrepreneurial ventures has been team development. Karyn believes that a diverse group of energized, engaged people at all levels of the organization is a critical strategic advantage. She has led and coached cross functional teams in domestic and international markets, including developing new markets and product offerings. Her areas of expertise include Information Technology and Healthcare.

Karyn’s fearless approach to breaking away from the ordinary inspires those she works with to achieve more than they ever thought possible.