It’s Time to Fall in Love With Being a Physician Again

The Physicians I speak with want to make more MONEY, have complete CONTROL of their practice without having to micromanage so they have more hours of FREE TIME to enjoy their lifestyle.

And they want to spend more satisfying, quality time with their patients.

It is daunting to face another day on a hamster wheel of patients just to stay afloat financially. Often behind by lunch and leaving the office an hour and a half late, knowing charting awaits after the kids go to bed. Where is the time for relationships, exercise, fun and the joy and pride that was supposed to accompany the investment in becoming a highly skilled physician?

There is a way to find the time to feel alive again.

Physicians who work with BreakAway are leveraging strategies used in business for years to take control of their practices to make more money, spend more productive, quality time with patients plus have an extra hour a day (or more!) to enjoy the lifestyle they’ve earned…