About Karyn

Karyn Grant shows exceptional physicians how to take control of their practices for increased income, more productive time with their patients and more time to enjoy the lifestyle they have earned. For over 30 years she has led organizations to new levels of success with a Bold and Fearless approach. She has galvanized teams to deliver exceptional results for the most complex of organizations. Karyn is an experienced corporate executive, an inspiring Executive Leadership Performance Coach, Speaker and Author.

Karyn’s many years of energizing leadership in large and entrepreneurial companies help physicians and other leaders to create opportunities for themselves that they never could have accomplished alone.


“I realized how crabby and gruff I had become with everyone in my life – my kids, my wife, my colleagues and even my patients. I dreaded getting out of bed in the morning. Working with Karyn and her team showed me how to engage my entire team to focus in the same direction and work effectively together. We are finding new revenue and our patients are getting better attention.”

Andrew – Pain Specialist 

“I have engaged my entire team to grow the practice by extending our revenue stream beyond traditional reimbursements. We found the time to be creative by engaging everyone in simple solutions to get our practice back in control. Finally everyone is listening to what I’ve been trying to get them to do. The patients love our changes. We are back to having fun!”

Megan – Pediatrician

“I went to three soccer games last week. My kids are ecstatic and my husband can’t believe how much more relaxed I am in such a short time. I have found an hour a day to spend on things that are important to me AND be more present for my patients at the same time.”

Judy – Orthopedic Surgeon

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