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Bold and Fearless delivers a compelling and creative take on dynamic leadership. It’s a winning combination of seasoned insight, inspiration, and innovation. Each chapter has a Bold and Fearless Challenge that will energize you out of your comfort zone and into leadership greatness that is limited only by your imagination.




Praise for Bold and Fearless

Bold and Fearless is a refreshing, compelling book on leadership. The focus is not on tools and techniques. It’s personal. It is about changing your attitude, your thinking, and the choices you make. If you have the courage to jump in, it will change how you lead.

– John Coné, Principal, the 11th Hour Group


Bold and Fearless is a book that one would think was written by a Marine, and I mean that with the greatest sense of praise. Karyn Grant has succeeded in writing a book that is practical, fun, and is all about challenging the reader in becoming a not just a leader, but a GREAT leader: one that is “Bold and Fearless!”

– John T. Boggs
Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.)
President, Fortitude Consulting, LLC.


I love Bold and Fearless! Karyn shares her wisdom and experience in an inviting and charismatic way. Her enthusiasm and passion are evident on every page. If you are serious about taking your leadership to the next level, this is the book for you!

– Lora Freeman
Lora Freeman Coaching & Consulting


Inspirational and engaging! Karyn speaks directly to successful leaders who know that we want to achieve more. She shows us how to add passion and connection to our leadership talents for amazing results. Every company needs to make this a key component of their leadership development.

– Nina Cashman
Founder & Executive Coach / Pave Your Way
Lead Trainer / iPEC


Crisp, thoughtful and provocative. Karyn challenges us to take ourselves on and break through the barriers holding us back from realizing our full leadership potential. Impactful read.

– Mary Upchurch, Senior Partner Gray Associates, Inc.