Power Your Leadership Team with Gender Diversity

New McKinsey research shows that gender and racial diversity at senior levels is correlated with increased profitability. In organizations where at least 20% of the executive leadership are women, profits outperform industry average by 22%.

Organizations that have fully integrated women see profits outperform industry averages by 46%.

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Three Strategies to Unleash the Power of Your Leadership Team

“In the future there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.”
—Sheryl Sandberg

Last year, a study of more than 21,000 public companies in 91 countries by Peterson Institute (a US Think Tank), and EY, the professional services firm, found that bringing more women into higher management boosted profitability. The study found that a company with 30 percent female leadership could expect to add up to six percentage points to its net margin when compared with a similar business with no female leaders.

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Girls Think Differently – Use Leadership Diversity to Increase Your Profits

I played Dungeons and Dragons with my daughters.

They were supposed to fight the wolves surrounding a town.

Instead, they fed the wolves and turned them into their friendly wolf army.

Girls, man. They’ll take over the world.

—James Breakwell, comedian, father of four girls

You want your company to thrive. You have put programs in place to bolster your diversity numbers. These two efforts are not mutually exclusive. The more diverse your leadership team, the higher your profitability.

The key is in truly integrating women into your company, not just keeping track of statistics and focusing on hiring women and minorities. The value you derive stems from incorporating different viewpoints and modes of operating in your day to day decisions. Often the smallest shift creates huge gain.

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